Communications and Broadband Telecom have been a core business for Redtree Solutions since inception. We have accumulated many track records in the area of WiFi and Power Line technology and their adoption into the Broadband Telecom market, as well as Modulator Drivers and Transimpedance Amplifiers into Backbone Fiber Optic Networks.  Our ecosystem includes device manufacturers as well as software experts and contract manufacturers.
From the backhaul and backbone communication network sides, we provide specific solutions into Fiber Optic Networks up to 400Gbs as well as Wireless Networks including Home Network, Cellular Base Stations, Radio Links and ground Satellite Communications. We help our customers with their development of the most optimized front end devices for Radio Links and WiFi networks. Today we are expending our expertise into the IoT Networks such as LoRa and Sigfox in order to provide our customers with the most efficient and secured system architectures. Redtree is also a pioneer in providing miniaturized solutions into 4K STB and dongle TV STB for IP/SAT content providers.
redtree com satellite

Satellite Communications

redtree com optical links

Optical Links

redtree radio

Radio Links

redtree com ip sat

IP/SAT/CA Set‑Top‑Box

redtree com broadband gateways


redtree base stations

Base Stations

We provide solutions such as:


Telecom Networks :

2/3/4/5G – WiFi Connectivity devices,
LoRa / Sigfox Tranceivers,
RF Analog Front Ends,
RF Amplifiers/Gain blocks/Switches/LNAs
RF coexistence SAW/BAW Filters,
Low-power 10G/40G OTN framer/PHY SoC
ARM64 multicore embedded processor
Integrated 100G mux/demux
TIA and laser drivers
ASICs development, Foundry & Services

Broadband :
2/3/4/5G – WiFi – BTLE Connectivity,
WiFi Analog Front Ends, switches
Bluetooth/WiFi switches
WiFi/LTE coexistence SAW/BAW Filters,
ARM64 gateway processors
ARM based STB application SoC
Audio Codec, S/PDIF, Control
ASICs development, Foundry & Services </div