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GOWIN Semiconductor New 22nm High-Performance FPGA family - Arora V


San Jose, California and Guangzhou, China, September 26, 2022


GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation, the world’s fastest growing FPGA company, announces today the release of its new generation Arora V high performance FPGA family utilizing advanced 22nm SRAM technology and integrating 270Mbps-12.5Gbps high speed SerDes interfaces, PCIe 2.1 hard core with support for PCIe x1, x2, x8 modes, along with MIPI hard core single lane module at up to 2.5Gbps, and DDR3 interfacing at speeds up to 1333 Mbps.


The first family device, GW5AT-138FC676, features 138K LUT logic resources, 6.4MB block RAM, 1.1MB distributed SRAM, along with advanced DSP blocks, and integrated ADC. Future family devices include 25K (non-Serdes) and 60K LUT devices.

Speaker: Scott Schweitzer, Director of SmartNIC Product Planning at Achronix


“This new generation Arora V family is an important milestone in GOWIN Semiconductor’s development,” said Jason Zhu, CEO, GOWIN Semiconductor FPGA. “Having entered and now proliferated in the low and mid density FPGA market space, this family further enhances our leadership position and is based on genuine innovation with advanced development. As always, we remain oriented towards providing continuous support for our customer’s need of innovative solutions and true value.”


“The Arora V family integrates many innovative hard core modules that have been developed internally by GOWIN, including fully controllable high speed SerDes ideal for supporting applications requiring very high data rates such as communication, video aggregation, and AI computing acceleration. New architecture DSP modules, Block RAM modules supporting ECC error correction, high performance multiple voltage GPIO, and high accuracy clock architecture are all featured in Arora V,” said TP Wang, Chief Technology Officer at GOWIN Semiconductor. “We believe that these new generation Arora V products will provide our customers with higher performance and lower power consumption, while the internally optimized modules will provide customers with more flexible configurations and a better user experience."


In addition to advanced hardware design, Arora V integrates many new mainstream hard-core modules as well as soft IP solutions for various interfaces such as PCIe 2.1, MIPI DSI, DDR3, SGMII, XAUI, Gbe, SDI and USB3.1. “These free of charge IP solutions will effectively shorten customer’s time to market delivering additional value,” said Mike Furnival, Vice President of International Sales, GOWIN Semiconductor. “We genuinely believe the launch of Arora V will greatly expand the adoption of GOWIN based solutions in the mid to high density space resulting in further expansion for the development of the global FPGA industry”


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About GOWIN Semiconductor Corp.


Founded in 2014, Gowin Semiconductor Corp., headquartered with major R&D in China, has the vision to accelerate customer innovation worldwide with our programmable solutions. We focus on optimizing our products and removing barriers for customers using programmable logic devices. Our commitment to technology and quality enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership from using FPGA on their production boards. Our offerings include a broad portfolio of programmable logic devices, design software, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and development kits. We strive to serve customers in the consumer, industrial, communication, medical, and automotive markets worldwide.


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