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Let's talk about SmartNICs - Wednesday, August 24, 2022 | 9am PST // 12PM EST


Today, almost all our information is being digitized. Out of this, the resulting expansion of data is forcing us to reimagine our data centers at the hardware and systems levels. Here, an emerging trend is the rise of the SmartNIC: a programmable accelerator that helps offload an increasing number of tasks from the server CPU.


To achieve the best balance of performance, efficiency, and cost possible, SmartNICs will require powerful, programmable, and flexible hardware. This is where FPGAs come in. To ensure that the SmartNICs of the future can handle data in a way that is efficient, low latency, and secure, FPGAs are going to be a critical component. Register for our webinar, “The Rise of the SmartNIC”, to learn how FPGAs are poised to enable the SmartNICs of the future.

Speaker: Scott Schweitzer, Director of SmartNIC Product Planning at Achronix


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