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We are the largest Pan‑European Representative company in the Semiconductor Industry. Greater than 40 people at your service, speaking local languages and covering 19 countries with more than 500 active customers. We invest in next generation technologies for the benefit of our customers and their success.

Our application team is devoted to help you find the most optimized architecture for your Electronic systems, with the help of our partners’ solutions and expertise. We build solution ecosystems that can help you innovate, differentiate and reduce your time to market.



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Private UK Ltd company since 2006
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Largest semiconductors representative in EMEA
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31 Field Sales, 3 Inside Sales, 8 Application Engineers and Technical Experts


Redtree is organized in 5 Geographic regions :


  • United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Benelux
  • Northern Europe (all Scandinavian and Baltic countries)
  • Southern Europe (France and French speaking Switzerland, Italy, Iberia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco)
  • Middle East (Israel, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and other middle east countries)
  • Central Europe (Austria Germany, German/Italian speaking Switzerland and other Eastern European countries)



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Our Rep model


We operate as an extension to our supplier partners sales force and applications engineering teams in Europe. We access their latest roadmaps, use their own system tools and work under the same confidentiality rules as their own employees, for the benefit of their mutual customers and distribution channel partners. Our supplier partners value our variable cost of sales model, that invests into innovation and offers competitive solutions for our local markets and applications.


We are serving all market segments that use semiconductor and electronic components technologies: Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Enterprise/Computing, Consumer, Military and Aerospace.


  • We have identified vertical market segments such as Automotive and Broadband Telecom, with defined application focus and a dedicated sales force, with deep customer relationships.
  • We have developed specific architecture expertise that we have branded « Redhot ecosystems »
  • We help and support our customers developing their ASICs, through our best in class IPs, foundry and Services partners, under our « RedASIC Ecosystem ».



redtree redhot ecosystems


As we are permanently scouting the most promising technologies in the semiconductor industry. Redtree have developed a specific and strategic concept of device/solution synergies tailored for fast emerging applications and systems. It enables our customers to find innovative but qualified components to meet their product development challenges and help them save precious time industrializing their new products.


Voice Control and Audio

We work with world leading partners all across the Audio segment. We feature the best short to long range voice control solutions on the market. Our solutions are qualified for Earbuds, Headsets, Soundbars, Automotive Audio, but also Cochlear and Industrial applications, with robust environmental constraints.


Motion/Gesture tracking

We put together in one place all devices from Sensors to data processing and help our customers track motion and gesture from inside or outside their system.
We offer various type of technologies such as Inertial MEMs sensors, IMUs, ToF, microwave radars, UWB, light to digital conversion, Lidar, IoT cellular modules that will help develop your AR/VR, Asset Tracking, Wearable, but also Industrial AGV, drones and Consumer robotics solutions or anything that moves around you.


Sensor Fusion and AI

Fusion and Artificial Intelligence at lowest power consumption is our specialty and a good complement to our Motion/Gesture tracking Redhot. We cover fusion of all types of sensors from inertial to environmental, video, image… We have multiple complementary hardware technologies to perform fusion and AI from programmable digital devices such as low power FPGAs up to microcontrollers and multicore microprocessors.


redtree redasic ecosystems


ASIC, Foundry & Services

Our experts and associated RedASIC ecosystem help and support our customers defining the highest performing IPs, choosing the most appropriate/effective technologies for their functions, collaborating with the best engineers to design their device building blocks and manufacturing their ASICs, with state of the art and reliable partners.