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Redtree Solutions Ltd, mission is to develop and grow your Semiconductor business into the Local European and Middle East Electronics Industry
We would be happy to investigate an adapted solution to your specific needs.
Our variable cost model will help you optimize hunting, developing and covering your business opportunities in Europe ?


Our Model will bring you efficiency through :

> Vertical Market focus

> Multiple touch points @ customer

> Synergistic Sales combined with High Attach Rate

We will contribute to improve your Quality of service through :

> Local language understanding

> Technology skills

> Local Technical Support

> Application Ecosystem


We will accelerate your business penetration Speed by :

> Implementing Local presence and customer facing activity

> Helping to have an accurate understanding of customer needs

> Maintaining a Design Creation focus activity


Redtree is also investing into Application Support resources to complement its Services and help you grow your business faster... and all at variable cost .


Device Suppliers

They are already trusting Redtree for developing their business across or in some specific territories of EMEA :

Applications, Software, IP and Services Partners





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