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Redtree Solutions is permanently seeking for the most optimized and ready to go devices or solutions for your developments.
We are also chasing the available most disruptive technologies to help you differentiate from your market competition. We have a complete portfolio of electronic devices and related software, integrator partners, technical support and experts to make you feel confident as you move along your development and production phases. Redtree Solutions developed specific ecosystems related to specific High Tech hot topics that we branded Redhot Ecosystems and RedAsic Ecosystem
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Some of our focus areas are:


 > Sensors
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, T°, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality/VOC, Proximity, Gesture, Magnetic…

 >  Audio devices
Mems Microphones, ADC/DAC, CODEC, DSPs, Audio Amplifiers

 >  Video
2K to 8K Video Encoders/Decoders, Graphic Display

 >  Processors
Application processors (Automotive SoC and STB SoC), Ultra Low Power Cortex M4F, Ultra Low Power RISC V,...

 >  Wired/Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, LoRa, Sigfox, RF front Ends, USB, Ethernet, Ethernet AVB, Fiber Optic SFP cages

 >  Power Management
PMIC, Supervisor, LDO, Drivers, buck boost/charge pumps, AOP, PWM amplifers

 >  Memory
Flash, SRAM, SDRAM modules, SSD, SD, CF, NV-DIMM...

 >  Displays
TFT, LCD, Oled

 >  ASICs & Foundry Services

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Device Suppliers

They are already trusting Redtree for developing their business across or in some specific territories of EMEA :

Applications, Software, IP and Services Partners