The rise in application of motion detectors in smartphones and tablets; and growth in demand for these detectors in smart homes, virtual gaming & entertainment, automotive, and healthcare industries drives some of our European market growth.

Motion-controlled video games also employ these detectors to sense activities and we now see adoption of high-end MEMS accelerometers in industrial and defense applications as well.


Our Motion Sensing solutions sense or detect motion of any non-living or living objects within their range. Our solutions apply in Robotics, AR/VR, IoT, Wearables, smart lighting control, home control & security systems. They are not only used into information and technology business applications, but also in day-to-day activities in household and other settings. We selected particular partners to supply energy- and time-saving devices bringing the full set of hardware and application centric algorithm/software solutions.

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Our solutions




> Accelerometers
> Magnetometers
> Gyroscopes
> eCompass
> Inertial Measurement Units
> Light to Digital converters
> Laser tracking
> Ultrasound
> Tracking dots
> Magnetic/Angular Sensors
> Lidars
> 24GHz and 60GHz radars



> Contextual Perception Software

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